WELSH/AUSTRALIAN singer-songwriter, Feralman, has unveiled his second single, I am DRAGON!.

Boasting an expansive soundscape with eruptions of dramatic drops ahead of Feralman exclaiming I am DRAGON!, the new track showcases a poppier side from the singer’s debut with its catchy rhythm.

Commenting on the single, Feralman said: “I am DRAGON! is about looking deep inside of yourself during testing times/times of struggle or hardship and finding the inner strength needed to give you a boost and see you through it.

“It’s about finding the ultimate strength, the strength of DRAGON!. This is a personal story of discovering my own DRAGON! strength when I needed to.”

Born in Wales, Feralman has always had a passion for music and the arts. Following the birth of his daughter in January 2020, Feralman decided it was time to share his music with the world, prompting the release of debut single ‘When All Is Almost Lost’ in November 2020.

Produced by Rafael Rico, a Venezuelan music composer and producer, who has worked with international award-winning producers such as Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd) and Garth Richardson (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), I am DRAGON! was released on 11th December. The track was mixed by Ricardo Martinez and mastered by Gabriel Alvarez.

Listen on Spotify now:

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