WELSH/AUSTRALIAN singer-songwriter, Feralman, has released his hypnotic debut single today, ‘When All Is Almost Lost’.

Peppered with Ben Howard and Nick Mulvey influences, ‘When All Is Almost Lost’ paints an image of contemplation between life and death, capturing a sense of raw primal emotion and the expansiveness of feeling isolated.

‘When All Is Almost Lost’ tells a positive tale, with raw vocals from Feralman against’ backdrop of expanding soundscapes, brooding guitar lines and mesmerizing loops.

Commenting on his debut single, Feralman said: "It’s quite strange to think of that time when I first began writing ‘When All Is Almost Lost. It takes me straight back to the memory of having the brain tumour diagnosis and just sitting and waiting for the test results to come back. At that stage, all I knew was that it was either a ‘nasty one that would give me months left to live’ or a low grade tumour which ‘was less of a worry’. It was pretty tough. Needless to say, the benign result was a massive relief.

“The whole scenario gave me reason to seriously consider my life to that point and how I want to live it moving forward, if I got the chance. I felt an immediate starkness about what we fill our lives with. So much unnecessary stuff, little of which actually matters. I wrote some notes as I processed my thoughts and these notes ultimately turned into ‘When All Is Almost Lost.”

Born in Wales, Feralman has always had a passion for music and the arts. Following the birth of his daughter in January 2020, Feralman decided it was time to share his music with the world, prompting the release of debut single ‘When All Is Almost Lost’.

Produced by Rafael Rico, a Venezuelan music composer and producer, who has worked with international award-winning producers such as Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd) and Garth Richardson (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), ‘When All Is Almost Lost’ was released on 13 November 2020. The track was mixed by Ricardo Martinez and mastered by Gabriel Alvarez.

Listen on Spotify now:

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