Feralman leads into his new album with uplifting folk epic!

Feralman's lead single ("Let It Heal You") from his second album is being released on the 23rd July and it is an inspiring, cinematic folk epic!

Commenting on the upcoming release of his new single “Let It Heal you”,

Feralman said; “My debut album was an introspective, literal album reflecting on some major life events that happened to me during an 8-year window. These included loss of loved ones (my mother, my daughter, and others), illness (a brain tumour diagnosis and a journey of healing), childbirth and more.

“Let It Heal You” gives a window into my new album’s vibe, which is a collection of inspiring, uplifting, inspirational songs told as metaphorical stories. It is called “Allegories”. It is inspired by my own journey through challenging times and celebrating the strength and courage to not only fight on but to really push to fulfil your ambitions. It is about believing. And achieving.

The lead single “Let It Heal You” is about realising your true potential. It is about not accepting the feeling of constraint or entrapment in life. It is about breaking free of the metaphorical chains that bind you and soaring with empowerment and majesty as you break free of the shackles and ‘go for it’. It is told using the metaphor of a caged and tethered dragon.

Whilst I would class the first album (Chapters 35-43) as having a Soundscape vibe, the new songs are a huge step towards the cinematic. I teamed up with the award winning Sefi Carmel to help me achieve the epic and dramatic sound I wanted. Sefi is a legend and has worked with some major artists such as David Bowie, Bruno Mars, Michael Buble, Massive Attack, BB King and many more. He has also worked on Hollywood feature films with the likes of Ridley Scott, John Woo, Chris Columbus and Kevin Reynolds. He has enjoyed success creating scores and soundtracks for Disney, Universal, Buena Vista Miramax, Scott Free, BBC, MTV, ITV, National Geographic, Discovery, Sky and more. His advertising clients include top agencies such as Publicist and M&C Saatchi and top brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Samsung and many more.

We have between us suggested that “Let It Heal You” ought to be classed as ‘narrative cinematic folk’

This is a song for anyone who is looking for inspiration; for anyone who needs a source of encouragement to make a change in their lives or to really go and get what they want; and for all those who enjoy the fantasy of magic, dragons and epic adventure.

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