Are you a fan of The Lumineers, Bears Den, Nick Drake, Elliot Smith, Conor Oberst & Sufjan Stevens?

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

You will likely already be enjoying Feralman’s new single: “The Ballad of Life & Death”.

However, if this is you and you haven’t yet heard the Welsh/Australian alternative folk artist’s latest release, then check it out now!

The second single (which follows the popular lead single “Let It Heal You”) from his forthcoming album, has been receiving glowing reviews and has drawn lofty comparisons with those mentioned above.

The reviews speak for themselves:

“Feralman’s vocals have a soft yet weighty gravitas to them that bring to mind such Folk icons as Nick Drake, Elliot Smith and Conor Oberst. The song itself is beautifully arranged with traditional pastoral elements and a very rich and balanced production mix that sounds straight out of the Lumineers playbook giving the song its modern, alt twists and flavours. True to traditional Folk form as well, the song almost feels like a wistful journey, a joyful trip into the wider pastoral landscapes of the singer-songwriters mind, a mind that had taken a personal tragedy and given us, the listeners, something jovial with which to dance to and cherish our time here on Earth with.” Andy Jones – We are YMX

“The song ‘The Ballad of Life & Death’ is a beautiful folk ballad with a philosophical aura and a soothing recipe for troubled souls. The talented musician and poet Feralman is fresh air for all fans of true song art. The soft piano gives its harmonious chords and the gentle female backing vocals create a beautiful warm pattern. The rhythm of the song is activated with traditional folk accents that invite you to dance and dance” – Indie Dock Music Blog

“Vocally this has to be one of the most relaxing songs I have listened to. There is just something about it that will make the listener feel comfortable, at peace.As if the song itself were not enough, there is an accompanying video for it as well. Let me just say that this is the most original, authentic and unique video I have ever watched. It is very simplistic and the aesthetic fits nicely with the song. To add to the bliss of a marriage of life and death are the harmonies of Nashville, TN artist Rochelle Feldkamp. The track was produced, mixed and mastered by Sefi Carmel (Bowie, Bruno Mars, Massive Attack).Do yourself a favour and listen to this song, and then share the video on your social media for all of your followers to do the same. There isn’t much more that needs to be said other than, Congratulations Feralman on a job well done.” - Alan Richards Toxic Music Group

“[I am] blown away by the rhythm’s liveliness. The creative and impressive blending of several rhythmic patterns is outstanding. The title of Feralman’s latest song, ‘The Ballad of Life and Death,’ is exactly portrayed. The composition swings between the literal connotations of life and death, and the song’s framework and pace completely justify

the notion. The dynamics he adds to the arrangement of his songs reveal Feralman’s preference for creating with a theatrical style. His intriguing modulation of the time signature at almost three critical points in the tracks removes the monotony and rather provides an extra layer of excitement moving ahead. This one feature distinguishes this song from others with similar sounds. The vocal harmony layer keeps you interested while never overpowering the core lead vocals. The tune is upbeat and makes you feel lively. The violin used as a break between the voices is excellent. The marching drums ensure that we don’t miss a single beat during the breaks. All in all, it may help you feel a little warm and fuzzy.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable listening experience. I really liked the composition and the variation in the time signature; those were my main takeaways from it. The atmosphere would undoubtedly appeal to listeners.” – Sourav Dey Sinusoidal music

“His sound is pleasantly folk with cinematic depth, like an intro to a movie with many culturally historic magical elements. Powerful and full of heart at its core, Feralman seeks to heal and inspire through stories coming out from his own life. His newest single was one of the songs Feralman wrote after getting a serious diagnosis. As he spent weeks waiting for the results which fortunately were good, a lot of self-reflection and contemplative thoughts followed. Titled aptly “The Ballad of Life & Death” it’s a relationship between life and death, bringing together the strongly contrasting emotions those both are associated with.

Joyful and gentle guitars follow the story of death meeting life, telling it with unbeatable lightness. Which, I imagine, brings about the comfort and solace knowing that death is part of life and there’s nothing to fear about that. The lyrics make it clear as well as the lady representing Life invites Death in for food and warmth, saying “Gotta get some life in you”. The cheerful sound is so captivating and uplifting it inspires to nod along, and it would definitely sound splendid on a live setting at an intimate venue. A little song full of joy and acceptance set to wipe away fear of death and perhaps make it easier to handle the usually so heavy topic.” – Jpgchief – LT1KF

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