"Chapters 35-43 is an excellent album, we highly recommend streaming it!" - MusicCityMemo

“Feralman gives life to love and love to originality in a way that only an earnest troubadour can provide – this is music at its core”  - Jammerzine

“A heartwarming and comforting lullaby that shines a light on Feralman’s versatile musical spectrum”  - MusicForTheMisfits

“Like with all unforgettable art, all you need to do is relax and let the beautiful melody reach your heart and soul” - JPChief

“The sound offered by this artist is intimate and deep, an acoustic guitar, light but strong, that accompanies a soft voice that tells stories – hypnotised, you keep listening to this beautiful music”  - EdgarAllanPoets

“When All Is Almost Lost showcases Feralman's pleasant voice and dreamy pop-fuelled landscape.” 

“The chord progression on the acoustic guitar is stunning and really

compliments the vocals”​

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